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The Big Bear City aStation 281nd Big Bear Lake Fire Departments are on a track to not only save money, but combine services to the benefit of the citizens in both jurisdictions.  The Big Bear City Community Services District Board of Directors and the City of Big Bear Lake Fire Protection Board are continuing to meet bi-monthly and work together for a full consolidation of fire departments, currently named “Big Bear Fire Department.”  Jeff Willis is Fire Chief for the Big Bear City Fire Department, Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District, and the combining Big Bear Fire Authority.  Chief Willis states that the “main goal is to achieve 100% accurate response.”  This means sending the right resources to the right location.

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Cook Safely and Give Thanks | Tips for the Holiday

Thanksgiving Turkey

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF/November 16, 2015 – Thanksgiving is a time for love, friendship, sharing – and busy kitchens. Big Bear Fire Department reminds everyone that crowded kitchens and busy cooks can lead to serious burns and tragic fires. 

“Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment,” according to the National Fire Protection Association. “Have activities that keep kids out of the kitchen during this busy time.” Here are some additional tips to avoid dangerous incidents: 

  •  Clean ovens and stovetops thoroughly before this marathon cooking day so that built-up grease cannot ignite. 
  •  Do not leave cooking food unattended on the stove and do not cook overnight. 
  •  Keep pets out of the kitchen. 
  •  Keep the kitchen floor clear so you don’t trip over anything. 
  •  Be sure pot handles are facing away from the front of the stove and that appliance cords are safely out of the way. 
  •  Ensure knives, matches, and utility lighters are out of reach of children. 
  •  Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it. 
  •  Make sure smoke alarms are working. 

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. 

For additional information on this or other fire and life safety topics, contact Big Bear Fire Department at or (909) 866-7566. 

Big Bear Fire Department Hosts Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Santa Claus to Make a Special Appearance

Tree LightingBIG BEAR LAKE, CA/– The Big Bear Fire Department will be hosting the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the Big Bear City Fire Station located at 301 W. Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear City. Everyone is invited to join the festivities starting at 5:00 p.m. 

The switch will be flipped to the tree lights promptly at 5:30 p.m. Following the official tree lighting, Santa Claus will be making a special visit to the Fire Station. Children should bring their wish list to give to Santa! Activities will be set up for the kids too. Families are asked to bring a plate of cookies to share. Hot coffee, hot chocolate and cider will be provided.  

Safe Winter Heating - Hot Tips for Cold Weather

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF/November 2, 2015 – Big Bear Fire Department has some “Hot Tips for Cold Weather” to ensure safe winter heating. With the change in seasons in Big Bear Valley comes the need to warm our homes and businesses. Stay warm and safe during the winter months by following some simple tips.

Conventional Heating: Have a professional check and service your heating system each year.  This not only helps to prevent hazardous situations from occurring, but also maintains the efficiency of your heater. Always keep combustibles away from heat sources. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for clearance distances.

Portable Heaters:  Purchase only those heaters bearing the seal of Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Factory Mutual (FM) or another nationally recognized testing laboratory. Always use heating appliances according to manufacturer’s specifications. Make sure electric cords are in good condition. Adult supervision should always be maintained while space heaters are in use.  Never leave a portable heater on when unattended and never use an oven to heat your home; it can deplete the oxygen level.

Fire Restrictions Increase on San Bernardino National Forest

San Bernardino, Calif., June 24, 2015 – As fire season begins the San Bernardino National Forest will implement seasonal fire restrictions effective, Monday, June 29, 2015.

“As California goes into our fourth year of drought, the forest has felt the effects with lower than normal winter snow and rainfall making the forest more susceptible to fire,” said Forest Supervisor Jody Noiron. “Our number one priority on the forest is the safety of our visitors making the fire restrictions in place necessary,” said Fire Management Officer Jaime Gamboa. “The community and all forest users can help in the prevention of fires by being vigilant in reporting illegal and inappropriate behavior within our community throughout the year.”

Lake Fire Forest Closure Order

Incident: Lake Fire Wildfire
Released: 1:09 hrs. ago


Forest Order No. 05-12-51-15-03

Lake Fire Closure

Pursuant to 16 USC 551 and 36 CFR 261.50(a) and (b), to provide for public safety and protect natural resources, the following acts are prohibited within the Mountaintop Ranger District of the San Bernardino National Forest. This Order is effective from June 24, 2015 through October 1, 2015.

Adopt-A-Hydrant Program

The Big Bear Fire Department is asking the community for a partnership in our Adopt-A-Hydrant program by adopting a fire hydrant close to your home or business and keeping it free of weeds and shrubbery during these summer months, as well as free from snow in the winter.
In the event of a fire, it is imperative that the Fire Department gain access to a water supply via a fire hydrant as quickly as possible so that fire can be extinguished and prevent loss of property and/or life. You can help the Big Bear Fire Department in this quest by adopting a hydrant and making sure that it is easily accessible throughout the year.
We ask that you check the area around your adopted fire hydrant and clear any brush, weeds, or obstacles. Clear a path approximately three feet around the hydrant as well a clear path from the street or roadway up to the fire hydrant so that the hydrant is visible and accessible. Fire Chief Jeff Willis states, “During the summer months it is important to make sure that there is a three foot path around your adopted hydrant which is free of weeds, shrubbery, flowerbeds, etc.”
If you notice that a fire hydrant has been damaged, missing caps, leaking water, or if it is blocked, please notify your local water company or fire station.  All of this will assist fire crews in the unfortunate event of a fire.  
Register your adopted hydrant today on our website main page, scroll down and click on the red fire hydrant.  There is a short application to fill out so that we can track your efforts and extend our gratitude.